About - Lucy Cantley - Business Sidekick


I like to describe myself as a “business sidekick” – I help bad-ass lady entrepreneurs capitalize on what’s working, optimize on areas that need improvement and unveil new opportunities for growth.

Running a business is tough.. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your company. It’s your baby. But, you’re at the point where managing the day-to-day tasks and your team members is taking too much time, and you’re not able to focus enough on the money-making aspects of your business. There’s too many ideas and not enough time to execute on them.

Take a deep breath. Grab a glass of wine and your secret stash of chocolate. Let’s talk about how I can help.


I was the kid who spent their pocket money on a FILOFAX. You know, those big, n-the-90s, beautiful, leather-bound planners designed for business professionals? I LOVED that Filofax. I’d plan out my homework assignments and color code everything with highlighters. I’ve since upgraded my systems. You’ll find me seamlessly juggling Trello boards, a Google calendar and a Leuchtturm notebook to keep my life and business in order. A beautiful, effective an organized system gives me the warm-fuzzies.

They say having children changes your perspective of the world, and for me, that was true. When I found out I was pregnant (yay!), I was in my final semester of my masters degree, working full time for a struggling tech-startup and co-running UNLV’s venture capital fund. Busy is putting it mildly. Halfway through my pregnancy I realized that I needed to prioritize myself, my growing family and my lifelong desire to start my own business. So I dived into the online world and was inspired by all of these amazing women juggling businesses and babies. I found MY tribe.

I believe that working moms should have the freedom to choose work AND family. I believe that as an entrepreneur you can have the FLEXIBILITY you need to live life to the max. We sign up for all the things because we want to have it all. I love working in this space because I love working with determined, inspiring and empowered women.

But even the wonder women of the world need a sidekick. And that’s where I step in.

I’m here to get you clarity on your business goals, figure out what’s working and help your business run like a well-oiled machine. I can help you optimize on your strengths and develop a growth strategy – all while having some fun in the process.


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